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List all publishing pages and their associated page layout

I’ve often been asked to get almost any kind of report about SharePoint’s content. This time the customer asked me to get the list of all publishing pages and their page layout in a site collection. This is quite an easy task, of course using PowerShell! It’s just a matter of looping through all SPWebs in the site collections, get the page library content and print some item properties in a text file. Let’s see how to do that.

Since this is just a quick tip take a look to the comments in the script, they should be self explaining :)

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Azure RMS Document Tracking

Azure RMS Document Tracking

As part of its continue investments in security Microsoft recently released the public preview (at the moment of this writing) of a new feature of the Azure Rights Management called Document Tracking.

In a few words sharing a document you can now “monitor the use, and thus abuse, of each of these documents shared using a variety of views. If the senders does not like what they see, they can (now) revoke access to the document regardless of where it is stored” (taken from

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Enabling content type on multiple SharePoint lists with PowerShell

Enabling content type on multiple SharePoint lists with PowerShell

In a new project I’m working on I had to create a new Content Type and make it available on all the document libraries in the site collection. I had to choices: browse each document library’s settings page and enable the content type via the UI or let PowerShell do it for me. Since I’m really lazy I chose the scripting way.

A few days ago I published the script on TechNet Gallery,Enabling content type on multiple lists with PowerShell. As you can imagine the script enables a content type on each document library in a site collection. It takes three parameters: site, name and list.

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Extend Content Query Web Part with QueryOverride

The Content Query Web Part is still one of the coolest things in SharePoint for site builders (IMHO). There’s a lot of literature about it and I’m not going to write about what CQWP is nor how to configure it.

So, what am I writing about? I just want to add my two cents about how to extend the Content Query Web Part with QueryOverride. Continue reading →

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Troubleshoot SharePoint 2013 search queries 101

There are some easy steps I follow every time I have to troubleshoot SharePoint 2013 search queries when I’m quite sure that I should get some result but the Search Result (or Content By Search, aka CBS) Web Part do not agree.

First of all, I have to admit, I’m not perfect and I know that very well so the first thing I double check is the query I wrote. I usually re-write the query from scratch using a tool other than out-of-the-box Query Builder, SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool (v2.x).

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