Resetting SharePoint Blob Cache

Resetting SharePoint Blob Cache

I recently published a new article on the Italian SharePoint Community web site about clearing the SharePoint Blob Cache. It’s in Italian, but if you want to take a look you can find it here:

I wrote this article after troubleshooting an Image Rendition issue for a customer. The problem was that changing an image rendition (selecting a different area of the picture) the page did not reflect the new settings.

Since image rendition rely on Blob Cache I checked the BC folder. I noticed that after the changes nothing happened on the file system and no new files was created. I decided to reset the Blob Cache and I noticed (I didn’t know it before) that you can do that using Windows Powershell working at Web Application level. Here the two-line script :

I think it’s better to remember that deleting files manually from the Blob Cache directory is not an option, since it could take to a missing file on page that reference that resource.

– Riccardo


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