I already wrote about this topic in the past ( – Italian only, sorry guys). If you missed my previous post It was about the SPUpdatedConcurrencyException and how to avoid it. My suggestion was to add a farm property, command-line-upgrade-running and set its value to No.A couple of days ago Paul Haskew posted an alternative way to avoid the SPUpdatedConcurrencyException issue on the SharePoint Escalation Services Team Blog. What Paul suggests is to run the psconfig command “with single processor affinity to force the utility to run one update at a time“.

This is achived by making PowerShell starts a cmd process with an extra parameter, /affinity 1, and by running psconfig inside this context.  This is an example taken from Paul’s post.

You can read the full post here.
I think I’ll never set the command-line-upgrade-running again, I prefer this new (to me) approach beacuse I have not to set a farm wide property (that I still don’t fully understand what is used for).

Thanks Paul! :)

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