Find and remove missing features, the PowerShell way

I do SharePoint updates and migrations since a long time and one of the most annoying error I often get is the "Missing feature". Searching the web you will find a lot of posts that show how to find the missing feature details by querying the content database. Most of them warn about the fact that querying SharePoint database is non supported by Microsoft (ref. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/841057/support-for-changes-to-the-databases-that-are-used-by-office-server-pr). You could create a database snapshot and query against it or you could use 3rd party tools, but if none of these fit your needs you could try the PowerShell way.

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Avoid common mistakes updating SharePoint Distributed Cache Service

Avoid common mistakes updating SharePoint Distributed Cache Service

A few months ago Wictor Wilen (@wictor) wrote a great blog post about how to properly patch the Distribute Cache Service. Even if I did it so many times I still look at Wictor’s post for reference every time I have to install software updates for DC.

In the past weeks I get into some issue that I think it could be useful to share. First, encoding. coping and pasting the following three line of configuration from the web page to the DistributedCacheService.exe.config file something went wrong with the encoding. Continue reading →

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Discovering SharePoint installed updates

Discovering SharePoint installed updates

It’s a long time I wonder how to discover the list of installed updates in a SharePoint farm. Unfortunately not all updates are listed in the server’s control panel “view installed updates” page. This is bad because more than once it happened that I had to scale out a farm and there was no documentation at all.

I spent some time searching for how to get this list using Windows Powershell, but all I found out is that it seems that is not possible to get it (or no one did this before – or I did not search using the right keywords :)). I found lot of scripts but none of them did what I was looking for, the list of CU’s and hotfix installed on the farm. Continue reading →

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Attenzione al security update MS14-022

La scorsa settimana, durante l’ultima (meritata) birra che ha seguito la chiusura di SPOC2014 Francesco Sodano (@aresmarte1) mi ha accennato al fatto che era stato appena stato segnalato dalla community un possibile problema con un Security Update di sistema. A distanza di qualche giorno (scusate, cura disintossicante da informatica) ho approfondito un pò la questione. Continue reading →

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SharePoint 2013 SP1 is back!

Da poche ore è finalmente tornato disponibile per il download il service pack 1 per SharePoint 2013. Per chi dovesse avere già installato questo aggiornamento sarà necessario effettuare il setup del nuovo pacchetto ed eseguire subito dopo il configuration wizard.

Riporto il link al post di Bill per tutti i dettagli e i link alle KB:

Facile ironia a parte, il mio consiglio è di non aver fretta nell’installazione e soprattutto, come sempre, suggerisco di testare gli update in ambienti adeguati (non la produzione, tanto per essere chiari).

– Riccardo

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