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Discovering SharePoint installed updates

Discovering SharePoint installed updates

It’s a long time I wonder how to discover the list of installed updates in a SharePoint farm. Unfortunately not all updates are listed in the server’s control panel “view installed updates” page. This is bad because more than once it happened that I had to scale out a farm and there was no documentation at all.

I spent some time searching for how to get this list using Windows Powershell, but all I found out is that it seems that is not possible to get it (or no one did this before – or I did not search using the right keywords :)). I found lot of scripts but none of them did what I was looking for, the list of CU’s and hotfix installed on the farm. Continue reading →

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Resetting SharePoint Blob Cache

Resetting SharePoint Blob Cache

I recently published a new article on the Italian SharePoint Community web site about clearing the SharePoint Blob Cache. It’s in Italian, but if you want to take a look you can find it here:

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BCS database is in compatibility range

I know, this is a very well known “problem”, but every time I update a SharePoint 2013 farm I forget about it. So please forgive me, this is more like a self-reminder hoping to keep this topic in mind at least until the next update.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, when you install an update (starting from March 2013 PU), you can find that one or more databases are “in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended“. Honestly I can’t tell why it happens, but the resolution is quite easy.  Continue reading →

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Export/Import Managed Properties via Powershell

Should I make my blog “global” or keep it “local”? This is something I’ve been wondering about for a long time. Now it’s time to cross the line and so here we are: this is my first “non-Italian” post (I don’t pretend to call it “English” yet).

Today I published a new Powershell script on Technet Gallery ( that allows you to update the SharePoint 2013 search schema exporting, importing and deleting managed properties. Continue reading →

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