BCS database is in compatibility range

I know, this is a very well known “problem”, but every time I update a SharePoint 2013 farm I forget about it. So please forgive me, this is more like a self-reminder hoping to keep this topic in mind at least until the next update.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, when you install an update (starting from March 2013 PU), you can find that one or more databases are “in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended“. Honestly I can’t tell why it happens, but the resolution is quite easy. 

We can think SharePoint dbs as “Content” or “Other” databases (with “other” I mean service application, configuration, etc.). If the warning about compatibility range is related to a content database you can use Windows Powershell with the following cmdlet:

Very easy, unfortunately this cmdlet only works with Content Databases, so if you have to deal with “the others” you have to go with the provision method of the SPDatabase object. Let’s see how it works:

I know, you can select the db in many ways, this is how I did it most of the the time.

That’s all, hoping that I’ll remember it next time I have to upgrade a SharePoint 2013 farm (humm… next week?)

– Riccardo

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