Troubleshoot SharePoint 2013 search queries 101

There are some easy steps I follow every time I have to troubleshoot SharePoint 2013 search queries when I’m quite sure that I should get some result but the Search Result (or Content By Search, aka CBS) Web Part do not agree.

First of all, I have to admit, I’m not perfect and I know that very well so the first thing I double check is the query I wrote. I usually re-write the query from scratch using a tool other than out-of-the-box Query Builder, SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool (v2.x).


Avoid common mistakes updating SharePoint Distributed Cache Service

Avoid common mistakes updating SharePoint Distributed Cache Service

A few months ago Wictor Wilen (@wictor) wrote a great blog post about how to properly patch the Distribute Cache Service. Even if I did it so many times I still look at Wictor’s post for reference every time I have to install software updates for DC.

In the past weeks I get into some issue that I think it could be useful to share. First, encoding. coping and pasting the following three line of configuration from the web page to the DistributedCacheService.exe.config file something went wrong with the encoding. (more…)

Find computer name and domain using Powershell

Sometimes it’s useful to know the computer name and domain you are working on. More than once I had to google for these commands because I just can’t keep them in mind, so I decided to write a quick post as a reminder. The following are my favorites.

The first one returns the FQDN of the computer on the format whereas the second one returns a list of information about the computer such as NETBIOS name (that could be different from the DNS name), domain name, phisical memory, etc… You can also select single properties, changing the cmdlet this way:

That’s all. As I said before this was a quick one :)
– Riccardo


Discovering SharePoint installed updates

Discovering SharePoint installed updates

It’s a long time I wonder how to discover the list of installed updates in a SharePoint farm. Unfortunately not all updates are listed in the server’s control panel “view installed updates” page. This is bad because more than once it happened that I had to scale out a farm and there was no documentation at all.

I spent some time searching for how to get this list using Windows Powershell, but all I found out is that it seems that is not possible to get it (or no one did this before – or I did not search using the right keywords :)). I found lot of scripts but none of them did what I was looking for, the list of CU’s and hotfix installed on the farm. (more…)