Check for free disk space with Powershell

Recently I’ve been asked from a client to create a script to check for free disk space on their SharePoint VMs on a daily basis, no matter if other software, like SCOM, was in place or not.

I created a PowerShell script that checks all drives from a list of servers. If the script detect less 20 GB it sends and e-mail to the SharePoint admin.

See the script below for details. (more…)

SharePoint 2013 August 2015 CU contains a bug, some fix and a cool new feature

Yesterday I blogged about a new cool feature introduced in SharePoint 2013 with the August 2015 CU. I just read about an annoying regression that makes not possible to add attachments to custom lists items.

Trevor Seward blogged about that some days ago, posting a workaround to fix the bug >

It’s a pity because as I wrote yesterday the August update introduce the support for the cloud hybrid search feature that is really cool and it also fixes some Office integration issue in Chrome that came out after Google introduced restriction in add-in functionality.

Ian Morrish and Microsoft blogged about that:

Shame on you SharePoint 2013 August 2015 CU!
– Riccardo

Cloud Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2013

I just came back from my Spanish days in Mallorca and looking through my unread feed I found an interesting post by Stefan Goßner about Cloud Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2013. (Ok, I also noticed that SharePoint Server 2016 Preview is available but I already read a tons on post about that and I do not have something to add about that :)). This is a new feature brought by SharePoint Server 2013 August 2015 Cumulative Update that makes it possible to search from Office 365 (or from SharePoint Server) both on-premises and on-line content.

You may already have read about something similar for SharePoint Server 2016 as the Cloud Search Service Application. Yes, it is :) (more…)

I’ll be speaking at #SPSFlorence

I’ll be speaking at #SPSFlorence

On Saturday June 20th, 2015 I’ll be speaking at SPSFlorence. This is the first SharePoint Saturday’s event in Florence and I’m honored to be part of the show. As far as I know SPSFlorence will be the first SharePoint related event in Italy with such an international target, most of the speakers come from all over Europe and all sessions will be held in English.

I will speak about Display Templates from the very basics to how to customize search results using search APIs. I will co-present with my fellows Mattia and Claudio, SharePoint MVP and one of the best developer I ever met. You can take a look to the agenda and event’s location on


List all publishing pages and their associated page layout

I’ve often been asked to get almost any kind of report about SharePoint’s content. This time the customer asked me to get the list of all publishing pages and their page layout in a site collection. This is quite an easy task, of course using PowerShell! It’s just a matter of looping through all SPWebs in the site collections, get the page library content and print some item properties in a text file. Let’s see how to do that.

Since this is just a quick tip take a look to the comments in the script, they should be self explaining :)