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BCS database is in compatibility range

I know, this is a very well known “problem”, but every time I update a SharePoint 2013 farm I forget about it. So please forgive me, this is more like a self-reminder hoping to keep this topic in mind at least until the next update.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, when you install an update (starting from March 2013 PU), you can find that one or more databases are “in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended“. Honestly I can’t tell why it happens, but the resolution is quite easy.  read more…

Export/Import Managed Properties via Powershell

Should I make my blog “global” or keep it “local”? This is something I’ve been wondering about for a long time. Now it’s time to cross the line and so here we are: this is my first “non-Italian” post (I don’t pretend to call it “English” yet).

Today I published a new Powershell script on Technet Gallery ( that allows you to update the SharePoint 2013 search schema exporting, importing and deleting managed properties. read more…

SharePoint 2013 SP1 is back!

Da poche ore è finalmente tornato disponibile per il download il service pack 1 per SharePoint 2013. Per chi dovesse avere già installato questo aggiornamento sarà necessario effettuare il setup del nuovo pacchetto ed eseguire subito dopo il configuration wizard.

Riporto il link al post di Bill per tutti i dettagli e i link alle KB:

Facile ironia a parte, il mio consiglio è di non aver fretta nell’installazione e soprattutto, come sempre, suggerisco di testare gli update in ambienti adeguati (non la produzione, tanto per essere chiari).

- Riccardo


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